Wellbeing at Equinox: How we support our team

By Liz Irwin

Maintaining wellbeing at work is hugely important.

This World Workplace Wellbeing Week, we’re exploring how we support the Equinox team’s wellbeing, whether that’s championing physical health, boosting mental resilience, or ensuring everyone feels included at work.

Supporting wellbeing

The Wellbeing Benefit

People manage their wellbeing in different ways. This could be through practical activities like exercise or therapy, or more broadly through the hobbies that help them wind down from a day’s work. So, we introduced a wellbeing benefit fund that gives money back on anything the team does to stay healthy.

The Equinox team has taken up the wellbeing benefit with open arms. Some use it to get sports equipment and fitness classes. Others have used it to access counselling and psychotherapy that directly supports their mental health. On top of that, we’ve been able to support activities like art classes and buying craft materials.

It’s a small gesture that can have a big impact. Even the smallest activity can represent an important element of someone’s wellbeing. If everyone in a team takes time each week to do something they enjoy and that builds their confidence, the long term effect can be hugely positive.

Wellbeing is a top priority at Equinox

The Wellbeing Lottery

Every month, we run a lottery-style draw, where two team members are given the choice of a range of prizes that are beneficial to their wellbeing. These include a half day of holiday, a donation to a chosen charity, a voucher, or a gift hamper. It’s both a little bit of fun (who doesn’t like winning a prize!) and helps encourage our team to take time-out for their wellbeing. There is a feel-good prize for everyone.

Health scheme

Wellbeing at work encompasses a huge range of factors; most notably, physical and mental health. Our colleagues benefit from a health scheme that gives money back on a huge range of medical, dental, and psychological treatments. This encourages and supports the team to look after their health and aims to boost their experience at work.

In addition to this, we offer eight free sessions of counselling for all employees. If someone experiences a stressful life event or needs a little extra support, they can access these sessions and talk to someone quickly.

In case of a crisis, we even have a team of trained Mental Health First Aiders in the company. These employee volunteers can step in if a colleague is having a crisis and get them the support they need. Having friendly, knowledgeable colleagues to talk to could be the small step someone needs to get help.

Our team of Mental Health First Aiders can step in if a colleague is having a crisis and get them the support they need.


Building an inclusive environment

We go to great lengths to ensure that everyone in the company feels included, regardless of race, gender, or background. The team is made of people from a variety of faiths, ethnicities, and sexualities, but all are encouraged to be themselves at work.

The team has come together to celebrate Pride, Black History Month, and Disability Awareness Month, all in an effort to ensure everyone feels comfortable and supported at Equinox.

Being supportive is one of our company values. We’re absolutely committed to ensuring every team member from the new hire up to the directors enjoys a strong sense of wellbeing.

Everyone is encouraged to be themselves at Equinox


Supportive, fair, and fun

Our company values guide everything we do. Equinox would not be the success it is today without the hard work of its team members, and by giving people wellbeing support in a way that suits them, we offer a professional space where people can thrive.

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