Equinox Corporate IP asset management

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Corporate IP asset management

Unlock the commercial potential of your company's intellectual property

Benefits of Equinox Corporate IP asset management

Why choose Equinox Corporate?

Steer your commercial strategy
Comprehensive reporting provides insight into your portfolio, aiding strategic decision making, driving value and, ultimately, helping you stand out from your competitors.
Track full asset lifecycle from idea to registered IP right
Keep your ideas safe by submitting inventions through our integrated inventor portal, then monitor filing procedures using powerful date and reminder automation.
API integrations
Easily connect your IP management system with your wider business tooling and IP service providers for seamless operations and efficiency gains.
Secure, reliable & available software
Safeguard your assets with cloud-based, multi-layered security, benefiting from built-in protection against DDoS attacks. Quickly and securely log in to your system from anywhere, at any time, thanks to 99.9%+ uptime and web-based access.
Advanced, future-proof solution
We believe in innovation as much as you do. Benefit from regular version releases and feature development tailored to the needs of our corporate clients.
Features of Equinox Corporate

How can Equinox Corporate help you?

Insightful reporting & dashboards
IP docketing made easy
Automatic updates from global PTOs
Simple document management
Communicate with key stakeholders & third parties
Bespoke hosting & set up options

Insightful reporting & dashboards

• Generate pre-built and custom reports that capture key metrics that reflect your business goals, including executive level and commercial value reports.

• Create visual business intelligence dashboards that are easy to share, enabling quick, effective decision making.

• Set up unique views of your live data for your stakeholders and teams in simple-to-digest formats, such as charts and graphs.

IP docketing made easy

• Accurate deadline tracking using our law engine to monitor and manage key dates, keeping your asset protection team organised and focused.

• Automated pre-set tasks, deadlines and reminders that follow the latest Official Office procedures can be downloaded into your system at the click of a button.

• Optimise and automate your internal processes in line with the needs of your business.

Automatic updates from global PTOs

• Data comparison and validation between your system and over 100 Official Offices around the world.

• Save time and minimise risk of human error by opting into automatic updates that keep your system data in line with the Official Office registers.

• Instantly generate new cases by importing rights from Official Offices into your system.

Simple document management

• Create and edit documents from within your system, and effortlessly share and collaborate with your wider team, including check-in/out features.

• Streamline processes by saving documents - such as Official Office correspondence, actions and receipts - directly to the relevant case using the comprehensive Microsoft Office plugin.

Communicate with key stakeholders & third parties

• Send, receive, and store emails in your system using seamless Outlook and Gmail integrations.

• Generate letters and templates to ensure brand consistency across your outgoing correspondence.

Bespoke hosting & set up options

• Single tenant hosting available along with single sign on.

• Custom backup solutions can be set up and tailored to your business requirements.

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