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Onboarding: Data migration
Equinox onboarding process

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System configuration
Data migration
System training

System configuration


We'll work with you to understand your goals, then we'll advise how your system should be configured to help you achieve them. We'll share your tailored onboarding schedule so you can prepare for the switch.


Then, we'll carry out the agreed configuration work. This varies based on your requirements, but typically it will involve configuring processes, correspondence templates, charges and billing.

Data migration


First of all, we'll assess the data you'd like moving across to your Equinox system. Once we know the scope of the project, we'll create your migration plan.


Before the migration, we'll format and map your data so it's ready for import into your system.

Test & migrate

Prep work complete, we'll run a test migration for peace of mind. Once we're happy, we'll migrate your data across to your new system in line with your agreed go-live date.

System training

Initial sessions

We deliver tailored, comprehensive training during the onboarding process so you can maximise the power of your new system, from day one. Our aim is to get you feeling confident with the ins and outs of Equinox before you go-live, to enable a seamless transition.

Ongoing resources

You can access our online Help Centre whenever you need. We keep it updated in line with new feature and functionality releases, adding resources like handy feature summaries, how-to videos and detailed step-by-step guides for you to explore at your own pace. 

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Switch from any system

Moving to a new IP management system can seem like a daunting project, but our experienced team will explain the steps and guide you through the process.

Whether you're moving from another system, spreadsheets, or even a paper-based system, we'll make it easy for you. 


Efficient process

We'll produce a unique onboarding schedule for you, outlining the work we'll do and how long it will take. As the project commences, we'll let you know what information we need from you by when so you can prepare, and we'll have regular check-ins along the way to keep you updated with progress

We'll ensure the project runs smoothly so you can start using your system on the agreed date.


Get value quickly

We'll help you optimise your system and provide effective user training so you feel confident using Equinox. This means you can start benefiting from efficiency gains as soon as you go live. 

Whether you're a law firm or corporate, we'll show you how to get the most from your powerful new IP management system.

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