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Equinox frequently asked questions

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Data migration


How much does Equinox cost?

We operate using a subscription service that's invoiced quarterly. The cost of your subscription depends on the complexity and scale of your requirements. Please contact us for a quote.

Which types of intellectual property does Equinox cover?

Because Equinox is so customisable, it can handle all areas of IP. By default, your system will cover common categories like trademarks, patents and registered designs, but this can be fully customised to suit your specific needs.

Does Equinox need to be locally installed?

No, Equinox is a cloud-based web-access platform, so you can log in from anywhere whenever you like. All you need is a stable internet connection.

What accounting packages can Equinox export to?

We have integrations with Xero, Sage & LEDES, resulting in seamless exporting functionality. However, we can also create custom exports for most other accounting packages provided they can be imported in a CSV or TXT format.

Does Equinox handle annuities/renewals?

Yes, Equinox helps manage your annuities through automated task management. The majority of these automated tasks come already built into your system, but we’ve made it easy for you to add/edit/delete all your automated tasks to fit in with your ways of working.


What is onboarding?

It's the process we'll guide you through to get you set-up and ready to use your new IP management system. It includes everything from carrying out training, system configuration and data migration, to giving you tips and advice on best practices when using Equinox. More information about onboarding is available here.

Is it complicated or time consuming to switch to Equinox?

Not at all! We've helped hundreds of clients seamlessly make the switch to Equinox. We'll guide you through our efficient, clear onboarding process. We’ll carry out the work itself, you’ll simply need to give your approval and send us information along the way.

How long does the onboarding process take?

The time it takes depends on your requirements and scale of the project. We'll provide a tailored onboarding plan and schedule for you once we've assessed your needs. Typically a smaller organisation will go live in 1-3 months, which includes time for system configuration, training, data migration and a chance for you to get familiar with your new system. 

Contact us for more detailed information.

Is system training provided?

Yes, we provide training as part of your onboarding plan. Our aim is to get you feeling confident with the ins and outs of Equinox before you go-live, to enable a seamless transition. We also have an online Help Centre full of how-to videos and guides for you to use whenever you need.

Does onboarding cost extra?

Yes, you will incur a one-off charge for onboarding on top of your usual subscription. This is calculated based on your unique requirements and we'll provide you with an itemised quote once we've assessed your needs.

Data migration

What is the timeline & cost of data migration?

Each data migration project is completely unique and requires a bespoke approach. The cost and timeline of your migration will be assessed and included in your overall onboarding quote and schedule. Any future portfolio takeover migrations are also chargeable.

What data formats can you migrate?

Our most preferred is a database backup of your existing system (.BAK). The most common format is Excel spreadsheets. Other formats we can support include Microsoft Access as well as PDFs and word documents, although we don't recommend using these if it can be avoided.

What is the testing approach for a data migration?

Go-live migrations typically include two practice runs. Portfolio takeover migrations generally don't include a practice run, but we can arrange this if required. After a practice migration is complete, both parties will need to test the results thoroughly to ensure accurate migration results are achieved during the real migration.

Is there a data migration aftercare period?

Our team of data engineers will ensure a smooth migration. They are also available to carry out additional services throughout your subscription. This includes data cleaning and portfolio takeovers.


Does Equinox hold the ISO 27001 certification?

We’re currently working towards ISO 27001 certification. Our goal is to undertake our Stage 2 audit with the British Assessment Bureau in 2023.

Is Equinox GDPR compliant?

Yes. Equinox is fully GDPR compliant. 

Where is Equinox data stored?

For UK and EU clients, data (including backups) is stored in UK or EU data centres. For clients across the rest of the world, Equinox data is typically stored as geographically close to you as possible.

Are backups of the system taken?

Yes. Regular backups are taken of both Equinox and any documents that you might upload. Multiple backups are taken and held in different geographic locations. Backups are encrypted both in transit and at rest.

What is Equinox's approach to security?

The security of our systems and service is of paramount importance to us. From the early stages of development, through to deployment and production, our focus on security guides us at every stage. A combination of continual penetration testing, training, and staying abreast of the latest industry security recommendations allows us to maintain confidence in the security and robustness of our systems.

Does Equinox support two-factor (2FA) or multi-factor authentication (MFA)?

Yes. Equinox natively supports both email and SMS two-factor authentication. As a subscriber, you're free to choose whichever you prefer. Additional options are available for subscribers with a single-tenant solution (your own dedicated environment), who choose to enable single-sign-on (SSO). 

Does Equinox support Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Yes. Single tenant subscribers can choose between Microsoft Active Directory Federated Services SSO or Azure SSO. This lets you set more advanced access policies, such as conditional access and/or MFA options.

I have more detailed questions about security, who do I speak to?

Please contact us and we can provide more detailed information.


What is the IP Law Portal?

Our exclusive user area for Equinox subscribers, providing a one-stop-shop for intellectual property law and news! In the IP Law Portal you can find country laws, renewal laws, official fees and official processes. Find out more about the IP Law Portal here.

How do I access the IP Law Portal & what does it cost?

Access is included as part of your Equinox subscription. There is no additional cost for this tool.

What jurisdictions are monitored on the IP Law Portal?

Because we update this regularly, please contact ip-services@equinox-ipms.com for our latest list of monitored jurisdictions. 


How do I access support?

We have a team of friendly Equinox experts on hand to help you— you should never feel stuck using your system. You can reach out to the team over email or phone. 

Equinox is based in the UK— how do you support clients on different time zones?

Our help desk operating hours are 7am – 5:30pm UK time, but for any urgent queries outside of these hours, our helpline is available 24/7. You will be put in contact with the best person to assist you at any time if needed.

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