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IP law notifications
System scan & amend
Process management

IP law notifications

We monitor more than 80 jurisdictions for patent, trademark and design news and law updates. Each notification is stored on the IP Law Portal for you to search whenever you need— plus we can send a handy summary straight to your inbox each week! 

System scan & amend

Official fees

Official fee lists can be a little daunting, but we keep track of official fees from more than 20 jurisdictions so you don't have to! If you sign up to this service, we can bulk-add relevant lists of official fees into your charge sheet, saving you from manually entering them yourselfThen, we continually scan for official fee changes and update them in your system.


Official office processes can be complex to keep on top of, but we're here to help. We monitor processes from over 40 jurisdictions and, when notified of a change, can check the relevant processes in your system and amend them on approval.

Correspondence templates

When you choose this service, we can scan the relevant correspondence templates in your system based on our law notifications. Then, on approval, we can update your templates for you. This service helps keep your client or stakeholder correspondence accurate and timely.


We continually monitor renewal laws - including patents, trademarks, designs and utility models - in more than 200 jurisdictions! Using this information, we update the renewals tool in your Equinox system to improve accuracy and help you to stay on top of changing deadlines.

Process management

Official office processes

We maintain a comprehensive set of official office processes from over 40 jurisdictions. They are stored in the IP Law Portal in an Equinox-ready format so you can import them into your Equinox system at the click of a button! It's really easy to import these yourself either individually or in bulk, or we can manage them for you.

Internal admin processes

We can help set up administrative processes in your Equinox system that are unique to your organisation. For example, your client onboarding process if you're a law firm, or perhaps a stakeholder correspondence process if you're working in-house.

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Feel confident in your system

There's no need to worry about missing a deadline or important law update! Our system management services help you maintain accurate dates, fees and processes, making it easier for you to work efficiently in your Equinox system.


Save yourself time

Each system management service is designed to relieve time pressure. Not only do we do the time-intensive work for you, but we take a proactive approach in continually carrying out the service in the background— once set up, all you'll ever have to do is click approve! 


Experienced team

Our team consists of experienced IP professionals who have expert knowledge of Equinox. They work meticulously because they understand how important accuracy is to your work and the wider impact it has.

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