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Access PAVIS renewals services in Equinox

By Sam Thorley
We’re excited to share another powerful integration… We’ve teamed up with leading European IP service provider – PAVIS!


We’ve been working closely with the team at PAVIS to develop an innovative integration that completely reimagines the way patent, trademark, design and utility model renewals are handled. Equinox and PAVIS subscribers can now manage and track their PAVIS renewals process from within their Equinox system – utilising automation that generates a huge boost in efficiency.

Let’s dive in a little deeper.


What does PAVIS offer?

PAVIS is one of the most established, reliable and efficient IP service providers. For over 40 years, they have developed effective procedures and highly automated tools that simplify often complex areas of IP law. These include trademark renewals, patent annuity payments and EP validations, plus patent, trademark and design recordals.

Their renewals services (that this integration now supports) are run by a team of experts. They keep track of deadlines, rule changes and official fees, expertly handling global annuity payments and renewals for law firms, corporate IP departments, and patent agencies.

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Why did this new integration come about?

With many Equinox subscribers already using PAVIS as their renewals provider, it was an obvious and much-desired improvement to their IP management experience.

We are committed to making Equinox a fully integrated and connected system. This integration with PAVIS marks a significant milestone for us, and for our mutual clients too. We want Equinox to be the one-stop shop for IP professionals and aim to eliminate the time-intensive manual data transfers undertaken by so many in the industry.

We’re excited to launch our PAVIS renewals integration. It’s another tool in Equinox that will reduce the overall administrative burden of the IP management lifecycle for our law firm and corporate clients.

Sam Nicholson
Sam Nicholson, Managing Director



How the PAVIS renewals integration works

PAVIS integration

This integration is for Equinox clients who use PAVIS as their renewals provider. It allows Equinox clients to manage and track their PAVIS renewals process from within their Equinox system, via a secure, API-based two-way data transfer.


What are the benefits of the integration?

PAVIS integration

  • Saves our law firm and corporate clients time. More specifically, it automates a lot of previously manual interactions that are part of the renewals process. It’s fast and efficient.
  • Boosts security by removing the need to download sensitive data and send it via email. As a result, our clients can now rely on a secure data exchange.
  • Increases the quality and reliability of the data stored in our clients’ Equinox system.
  • Allows more work to be done from one system (Equinox) rather than having to jump between different portals.
  • Provides full visibility of API interactions via audit trails in Equinox.


All-in-one IP management

Our growing number of integrations aim to make managing IP with Equinox easier, more consistent, and more precise. By subscribing to Equinox, you will be able to benefit from a future-proof, connected IP management system that can help you scale.

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