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Order trademark watches in Equinox with new Markify Watch integration!

By Sam Thorley

Our latest integration with Markify Watch comes as part of our ongoing commitment to making Equinox a fully integrated and connected system, that streamlines the management of intellectual property (IP) including patents, trademarks, registered designs and more. Our skilled team of developers are working hard on new features and integrations that will enable our law firm and corporate clients to handle every step of the IP management lifecycle— from within their Equinox system.

Our latest partnership with Markify brings us closer than ever to our goal! Now, let’s get into the details.

First thing first— what is Markify Watch?

Markify Watch is the IP industry’s leading watch tool that monitors 190 countries for domain names, word and image trademarks, and competitor filing activity. Its intelligent algorithm ranks new, identical, and confusingly similar trademark applications by likelihood of conflict.

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How does Markify Watch integrate with Equinox?

Easily create watches from within Equinox

Our new API-based Markify Watch integration enables our Law Firm and Corporate subscribers to create trademark watch orders directly from their Equinox system, which are immediately activated in Markify as soon as the ‘create’ button is clicked. This replaces having to leave Equinox to head to the Markify website to order the service, saving precious time— all the benefits of both high quality tools accessed via one place.

Easily create watches


View and manage watches seamlessly

Equinox subscribers can also view and manage their watch orders from within Equinox. Any changes made to the watch details in either Equinox or Markify are reflected in both systems. So, you can rest assured that both systems are accurate, without the need for laborious manual updates.

View and manage watches


Get notified on all new results

Equinox automatically checks Markify Watch to look for new results on your search. When a new result is ready, Equinox users are alerted with a simple link to Markify so they can assess the result.


The all-in-one IP management system

Throughout the coming months, we’ll be releasing more exciting integrations that enable our subscribers to do more within Equinox. To see the system for yourself, and to find out more about upcoming developments, request a demo with one of our friendly Equinox experts!

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