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We have a new brand identity!

By Olivia Miller

We’re still the same friendly team, but our new brand reflects who we are.

We’re excited to walk you through our new brand. We’ll explore our new look and share why we’ve decided to make the change.

As of today, we go by the name Equinox.

When Charlie and Justin founded Work AnyWare Ltd. in 2006, the name made sense. As we evolved, we realised the name was beginning to add a layer of confusion. Are they Work AnyWare? Are they Equinox? How do you spell “AnyWare”?

Since the beginning, our purpose has been to make life easier for IP professionals. Confusion over our name was going against what we believe in.

As a business, our focus is on developing our powerful all-in-one intellectual property management software, Equinox. We found many people throughout the industry were already calling us by our software’s name, so we listened. Now, as part of our new brand, we’re embracing the name. We’re still registered as Work AnyWare Ltd., but we’re trading as Equinox and that’s the name you’ll be seeing from now on. Equinox is a better fit — it feels right.

Same logo, new fonts

While our logo hasn’t fundamentally changed, you’ll see it in a few more colourways now.

Our lovely new fonts help us communicate clearly while bringing out our playful side. 

A fresh new set of colours

We’re a vibrant team and now we have the colours to match!

Expressive characters

As a tech company, you may think we’d choose bots and code over people, but that couldn’t be further from who we are. People always have and always will come first here, which is why we wanted to find a way to bring people to the forefront of our new brand. Our characters represent the friendly faces that guide you through your experience with us. 

The talented team at Leeds-based agency Hand Drawn Pixels have helped us bring our personality to life. It’s been a fun and creative process and we want to say a huge thank you to them!

Refined set of values

We haven’t changed, but our values needed a little refining to truly express who we are and how we do things.

Oh, and have you noticed our new website?

It’s the place where many of you first get to know us. It’s like that first handshake when you meet us at a conference — it tells you a lot about us in a short space of time. We decided our old site wasn’t doing us justice, so we’ve worked with the skilled team at Impression to make sure our new site represents our supportive, innovative team and showcases the powerful, user-friendly platform we develop.

Go and explore the site for yourself!

We feel much more “us” now

After many months of thinking and planning, we’re excited to finally be able to share our new branding with you. Here’s to a refreshing start to the year 2022!

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