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Unitary patent opt-outs in Equinox IPMS

By Sam Thorley

Our developers have been hard at work to help our subscribers manage unitary patent opt-outs in Equinox IPMS.

The 1st March marks the start of the Unitary Patent Court Sunrise period, three months before the system enters into force. From then on, you’ll be able to opt-out from the jurisdiction of the UPC.

This has been developed well ahead of time so our subscribers can hit the ground running. Let’s take a look at how it works.

Unitary Patent opt-outs in Equinox IPMS

UPC opt-outs in Equinox IPMS

Our latest update allows our subscribers to manage opt-outs from within their system. While our subscribers handle the actual opt-out independently, information relating to the opt-out and the status of the case is automatically updated in the Equinox system.

Our latest update adds two new date fields and a custom field that shows the opt-out status of a case. These new fields are automatically available for reporting and have merge codes for use in custom templates created by our subscribers.

Equinox IPMS users can import a CSV spreadsheet of opt-out information that will automatically update the new system fields. The importer tool can also retrieve the official opt-out application receipt documents and save them to the documents tab of a case in Equinox IPMS.

The CVS importer is an easy, efficient way to update Equinox cases in bulk and saves users manually updating each case. It can be used whether the user is processing opt-outs themself or through a third-party provider, as long as the spreadsheet contains the required information.

Unitary Patent opt-outs in Equinox IPMS

“The Unitary Patent system has been highly anticipated for many months, and we know our subscribers have been keen to get everything in place ready for their opt-out applications. Our developers have worked closely with clients and colleagues to deliver an effective solution ready for March.

“We’re always looking at ways to keep Equinox IPMS as helpful and effective as possible. We update the system around every two weeks to add new features, iron out any issues, and maintain security.”

—Sam Thorley, Head of Platform


Sam Thorley - Equinox

Working with Questel

We’ve partnered with our colleagues at Questel to deliver this functionality— they offer a range of services to help IP professionals manage unitary patents, so we’ve teamed up to make it easier to handle opt-outs in Equinox IPMS.

When opt-outs are processed by Questel, Questel supplies a CSV file that can be imported to the Equinox system to automatically update relevant cases. This can be done for as many cases as you like, so you can bulk update your cases with ease.

Unitary Patent in Equinox and Questel

Questel also offers additional unitary patent services including UPC landscape analysis, cross-checks of records, watches of yours and your competitors’ performed opt-outs, filing requests for EPs with unitary effect, translations, and annuity payment services.

Unitary Patent in Questel


You’re always on the latest version of Equinox

We work hard to keep our subscribers ahead of the competition. Our Development team is always creating new tools and functions to make intellectual property management in Equinox IPMS simple.

Plus, we’re constantly improving the system to make it is easier to use and work more efficiently. Ensuring Equinox IPMS is easy to use and as effective as possible for our subscribers is an important priority for our team.

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