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Our intuitive tools make it simple to manage trademarks in Equinox IPMS.

The system is designed to help legal professionals handle all kinds of intellectual property, with specialist tools to make it as easy as possible to oversee client portfolios of patents, designs, and trademarks.

Over the years we’ve added more and more specialist features to Equinox IPMS. While every IP professional can benefit from our task management, administration, and finance tools, we have endeavoured to provide each specialist IP professional with unique functions.

A huge portion of our subscribers manage trademarks in Equinox IPMS, and we’ve designed a suite of specialist tools to enhance their abilities.

Equinox trademarks tools make it easy to manage your portfolio

Managing trademarks with Equinox

Our aim is to reduce the amount of time you need to process your trademark portfolio. We do this by automating admin tasks and having the system take over simple jobs like data transfer. This frees up your time to focus on the most important, value-adding tasks and takes the hassle out of trademark cases.

Here are some of the tools we’ve built to achieve this.

Generate Madrid Protocol Case:

This tool takes your base trademark case and generates a Madrid Protocol Case automatically. It uses the details of your case, copies them across, then stores your Madrid Protocol Case alongside the rest of your portfolio.

Designated States Tool

When you want to designate your international trademark in multiple regions, it can be a hassle to recreate your case repeatedly. This relatively simple task takes up precious time, so we designed the Designated States Tool to speed things up.

You simply select your Madrid Protocol Case, then use the country list to select each Madrid System member you’d like to designate.

Our colleagues in IP Services are experts in all things IP. They have experience managing intellectual property, but now they keep close tabs on official offices from around the world to make sure Equinox is up-to-date. One of their regular tasks is to ensure that our Country List is up to date, so you can be confident that your system has access to the most current information.

National Rights Tool

For each of the members you’ve designated, the National Rights Tool generates individual cases for each region. These cases are saved to your system as National Right of Madrid Cases ready for you to process, saving you extensive admin time you’d devote to replicating these manually.


We’ve recently introduced an advanced renewals system to Equinox IPMS. The new suite of functionality makes it easier to generate and track renewal dates, automatically link renewal quotes, and simplifies sending renewal notices and reports to clients.

Plus, we’re working on an integration with specialist renewals providers to bring additional benefits!

There are more tools to come

Our developers are constantly looking at the next steps for the Equinox system. We work closely with IP professionals from a range of specialties to understand their needs, then we create solutions that can make their teams more efficient.

Equinox specialist tools help your whole team focus on their tasks

Tools that make a difference

With all these tools combined, we’re supporting our subscribers through a huge portion of the trademarks management process, with everything from your first application right through to renewals featured as built-in tools.

IP professionals specialising in trademarks are able to approach their clients’ portfolios with more efficiency, and we got lots of positive feedback.

The use of Equinox has reduced time spent on menial administrative tasks. Updating matters, preparing reports, and monitoring deadlines is easy with Equinox

—Tahleigh Gibbs, Trademarks attorney at Redchip


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These tools cut costly admin time and help you to focus on value-adding tasks and devote more time to your clients.

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