New job: Top tips for getting started

By Olivia Miller

Most people feel a bit nervous when starting a new job, particularly if it’s in a new company. There’s a lot to learn, take in and adapt to and it can feel overwhelming at times. On top of all that, you may even be relocating, or starting your first remote position and figuring out your setup.

We have a lot of new roles opening up at the moment, so to help you get a feel for what starting here might be like, we’ve asked our recent new starters to share their experiences.

New job tips from Alannah – Product Support Technician

Alannah Marchewka - job

Alannah Marchewka

“I’ve been with Equinox for about a month now and I already feel so at home here! It’s a place where everyone is welcome, and uniqueness is celebrated.

My advice for anyone starting a new role here, is to forget everything you know about the world of work and come with an open mind. Although we are a business, the ethos is nothing like I’ve ever experienced in a job before, and it can take some getting used to — this is a good thing I promise! Come to work every day with your problem-solving hat on, ready to have some fun. There is a lot to learn, but you are never alone. Everyone is ready and willing to support you.

New job

My colleagues have not only been warmly receptive of me, but also of my three little rats, Toast, Sushi and Baby Rat (that name was met with giggles when registering her at the vet!). Many people have an understandably negative view of rats, but mine are actually a completely different, domesticated species (known as Fancy Rats) to rats you may see roaming around your local city centre (known as Wild Rats). Contrary to popular belief, rats of all species clean incessantly, and are often much cleaner than cats and dogs. This is thought to be due to cleaning being a form of emotional expression for rats. They will groom themselves in different ways depending on what they’re feeling e.g. licking their paws and wiping their noses when nervous!”


Advice on starting a new job from Esta – Sales Administrator

Esta Barlow - Sales Administrator

“I recently joined Equinox and work remotely full time. For my first week, the team brought me up to Leeds to meet everyone and get to know my role. I spent time with my main point of contact who’s been really helpful, and since then I’ve had training over Teams too. Now I’m back home, I know who to reach out to on Slack whenever I have questions.

My advice comes from my experience so far, and some of the things I’ve found helpful are:

  • Asking plenty of questions, people are happy to help you!
  • Making sure I have enough space to work remotely. I’ve been given all the tech equipment I need but it’s nice to have a dedicated workspace at home.
  • At the start, I spent a bit of time between inductions researching what the company does in more detail.
  • I took time to become familiar with the tools we use such as Slack, Trello and Teams.
  • Setting boundaries from the beginning, and taking breaks when I need them.
  • Try to go out on weekends, lunch breaks and after work so I don’t get cabin fever!”


If you remember one thing, let it be this

If we hire you, it’s because we’ve been impressed by you throughout the application process. We think you’ll fit in here and want you to thrive. So, our biggest piece of advice is to be yourself, be curious and look for ways to enjoy your role. The rest will fall in to place from there.


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