Things we did at Equinox in 2023

By Equinox

2023 has been a great year for Equinox!

We’ve welcomed new team members, attended international events, worked with Questel to bring about impactful new features, and had plenty of opportunities to have fun as a team.

Join us as we look back on a fabulous year and pick out some of our highlights.

The Equinox User Conference

The highlight of the year is the event we host for our subscribers: The Equinox User Conference.

We bring together our subscribers so we can share what software developments are coming up, and it’s a great opportunity for the Equinox community to build strong connections. Every year, our subscribers attend from across the world and 2023 was no different. Attendees came from as far as Australia to see what’s in store at Equinox.

This year was our biggest user conference yet. We moved the event to Manchester, UK and hosted it at a beautiful new venue in the city centre. With talks from our team on upcoming features, tips on getting the most from Equinox, and discussions on integrations, the conference was a huge success.

We were pleased to be joined by so many Equinox subscribers and key figures from Questel too. Thanks to everyone who came along!


Welcome to the team

We took on another talented team member this year.

Will joined our Platform group as an Operations Engineer, where he helps maintain our infrastructure and cloud environment.

Hailing from East Yorkshire, Will has worked with law firms in the past and has a great understanding of how our clients rely on specialist legal software.

Will Beedham

Equinox abroad

Aside from our own User Conference, we’ve also attended numerous intellectual property events, which are a great chance for us to meet IP professionals from all over the world— and a lot of fun too…

We were in Singapore back in May to exhibit at INTA alongside Questel and Markify.

In September, we headed to Berlin, joining Questel at MARQUES 2023 and visited Tokyo to attend the Patent and Information Fair & Conference.

To finish off the event season, we headed to AIPPI in Istanbul in October, showcasing how our IP management software could make attendees life easier.

We had a fabulous time at these events. Thanks to everyone who came to our booths to say hello!


Making time for fun

Alongside excellence, innovation, being supportive and fair, one of our core company values is having fun.

We’ve taken plenty of opportunities in 2023 to do just that. We’ve held a variety of office socials to come together as a team to relax and pursue creative projects. Shout out to the wonderful Liz for coming up with the ideas and bringing the socials to life!

Back in February, we celebrated pancake day in style with a delicious office brunch and crepe flipping competition.

In May, we held a Star Wars themed social event for May the 4th. This saw a host of Star Wars games and competitions with prizes for the champions.

Our summer company away day is one of the year’s major events. The day started creatively with laser cutting and pottery masterclasses at Duke Studio. We then paused at The Adelphi in Leeds city centre for a delicious lunch. Finally, we played mini golf at Roxy ballroom before the afterparty kicked off!

Some socials this year were focused on collaborative, creative projects. In January, our inaugural ‘Powered by Pizza’ social saw us work in groups to design cool functions for our new office social space. The team created cool digital art and a purpose-built music player.

We followed this up with an Easter edition of ‘Powered by Pizza,’ which focused on making Equinox Easter Eggs. Working in small teams, we built an 80s interface for Equinox, a Microsoft ‘Clippy’ to support (and possibly annoy) users, and an augmented reality version of the office cat! You’ll possibly be pleased to hear that none of these are for public release, but we had a lot of fun creating them!

More to come in 2024

As we approach the new year, we’ll be moving forward with the same gusto you can expect from the Equinox team. 2024 brings new opportunities, and we’re excited to share our achievements with you.

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