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The extended Equinox IP management platform

By Equinox

We’ve expanded our suite of IP management software to meet the unique needs of law firms and in-house teams managing intellectual property.

Founded in 2006, the Equinox platform has become increasingly advanced over the years, proving a dependable efficiency booster for hundreds of IP firms across the world. While our flagship product has been effectively used by corporate in-house teams for many years, we’re now able to offer products tailored specifically to their needs too.

Let’s dive into our extended platform and see how it can boost your IP management processes!


Meet our specialist IP management platform

We’re dedicating more resources to continually improve our extended platform, releasing new features that directly serve the needs of the varying scales and priorities of both law firms and corporate teams worldwide. Recent features include our renewals tool and the much anticipated PTO data integration, with many more in the pipeline including renewals provider integrations.

Each of our four products are finely tuned to meet the needs of the organisations they serve.


Equinox Law firm

Configured to help small to medium-sized practices consistently deliver to their clients, Equinox Law Firm magnifies your team’s abilities. Your attorneys, paralegals, partners and accounts team log in to the same system, and each user is assigned a unique view of the system to help them stay focussed on their contribution to your IP management operations.

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Equinox Law firm+

As the ultimate tool for IP management at scale, Equinox Law Firm+ is designed for enterprise-scale firms with bigger teams, multiple offices and extensive portfolios.

Powered by a comprehensive workflow engine, you can optimise and standardise your processes ensuring a consistent experience for your clients. Plus, you have central control, enterprise-grade security and empowering support, always.

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Equinox Corporate

For IP management in the corporate environment, insightful reporting is key. Equinox Corporate offers pre-built and custom reports, plus quick-access visual dashboards that can help guide commercial strategy.

Your system is built to unlock the commercial potential of your company’s intellectual property assets. , and includes handy features like automatic updates from global PTOs.

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Equinox Corporate+

For IP management in an enterprise-scale corporate environment, Equinox Corporate+ delivers finely tuned IP management tools that help you keep your assets protected from idea to IP right.

This highly customisable system is built to meet the complex requirements of your business and streamline the management of your patents, trademarks, designs and more.

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“A huge variety of organisations depend on us for intuitive and efficient IP management software, and by catering to law firms and corporates directly, we can develop features that meet the unique needs and priorities of each type of business.

“Within each product, the extensive configuration options, such as tweaking system wording and setting up internal administrative processes, allow our subscribers to personalise their system,  helping their users feel familiar with Equinox from the moment they log in.”

—Sam Nicholson, Equinox Managing Director


Sam Nicholson


Built for in-house and private practice IP professionals

Your IP portfolio can thrive with Equinox, whether you’re an independent attorney, manage IP assets in-house, or are part of a major law firm.

With advanced solutions for every organisation, there’s never been a better time to switch to Equinox for IP management.

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