Security in Equinox: How we keep your system safe

By Equinox

Security is one of our top priorities at Equinox.

Our subscribers need to know that their data is safe, so we’ve established a diverse security apparatus to keep anything harmful away from our systems.

Here, we’ll explore the tools we use to protect and monitor Equinox.

Security is a top priority at Equinox

Advanced protection

Repelling DDoS attacks

A distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack aims to disrupt the availability of a targeted system, such as web-based software. A successful DDoS attack could mean a system you rely on becomes unresponsive, causing enormous disruption to your day.

Here, we have procedures in place to prevent such attacks against Equinox. As part of our Azure infrastructure, we constantly monitor the traffic on Equinox to keep an eye out for any malicious bodies. Then, we can mitigate against them before they become a problem. The result? A reliable, available system that seamlessly supports you through your work.

Testing our security

We’re constantly monitoring for any potential gaps in our security so we can fix them before they disrupt users.

Every day, we work with independent penetration testers to examine every inch of our security. If they find a possible vulnerability, our dedicated engineers leap into action and get it fixed. Equinox subscribers get very regular system updates to ensure everything runs smoothly with minimal security risks.

We also maintain live alerting across Equinox. If something happens to the system, our developers are notified and can respond as soon as possible. This is monitored 24/7 to reduce the risk to our system and subscribers.

The security of your data is a priority for us

Disaster recovery

Equinox is backed up with live replications of all our environments. If you’re using our system and the server goes down, a safe copy in the background will save your data and allow its recovery. As part of our Microsoft Azure infrastructure, we can leverage our data from one region to another in an emergency to keep the system up and running while we get things sorted. This minimises the disruption to our subscribers.

Our team goes to great lengths to ensure our recovery strategy is at good strength. We measure this with a recovery point objective (RPO) score. This tracks how much time passes when data is lost before the service is restored. At Equinox, this is between two and four minutes. So, if there was a problem and your Equinox system wasn’t working, you would only lose a maximum of four minutes of your work.

We ensure you can access your system securely

Secure access to your system

Some security breaches can occur in other ways. For example, if someone gets a hold of your log in details. To circumvent these threats, we’ve incorporated a variety of security options to help subscribers keep their systems safe from their end.

Two-factor authentication (2FA) gives an extra layer of protection to your system. After you’ve entered your login details, it prompts you to verify your identity by using an additional method. Most commonly, this will be by SMS, email, or a third-party app.

With Equinox, all these options are available for 2FA. So, you can use a text message or email notification to bolster your password protection or opt for an app like Microsoft Authenticator to ensure only your team can access your system.


You’re in safe hands with Equinox

You can never be too cautious when it comes to security. With your organisation’s work and reputation on the line, choosing an IP management system that earns your confidence is vital.

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