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Access official office data in Equinox

By Sam Thorley

Our latest update allows Equinox subscribers to access official office case data from within the system.

This cuts out bags of admin time needed to manually compare your system against official office records and increases the accuracy and consistency of data stored on your system.


PTO case imports

We know that manually creating cases for existing IP rights can take up a great deal of time. You need your team to focus on the value-adding activities of your organization, so we’ve built a new integration that seeks to speed up this process.

The PTO integration lets you access case data from official office records and generate a case within your Equinox system. You can search official offices by priority number, application number, publication number, grant number, or title, and Equinox will return any matching results.

Equinox can pull through the title, relevant dates and numbers, subcategories, applicants, and inventors. Plus, for trademarks the system can pull the image and goods and classes information.

This will save you valuable time by absolving the need for manual searches and data entry from official offices to your Equinox system.

The best part? It’s free to access for every Equinox subscriber!


Official office data comparison service

Once a week, all active patent and trademark cases on your system can be compared against the latest official office data, highlighting any mismatches, and providing you with options to accept data suggestions.

The handy dashboard shows you which cases it couldn’t find a match for, which cases it matched and that have outstanding differences between your data on Equinox and the official office data, and which cases have no differences between Equinox and the official office data.

Beyond identifying differences between Equinox case data and official office records, subscribers that opt-in to the service will also have the option to import data from the office directly into their system.

You can also choose which fields Equinox should compare with official office data to help you focus on your priorities. These include all standard date and number fields, title, applicants, inventors, goods and classes, and images.

This could be incredibly helpful in ensuring the quality of your data and highlighting any missing data from across your portfolio.


How it works

We’ve teamed up with our friends at Questel to deliver this enhanced functionality to our subscribers. We work together regularly to provide an unparalleled end-to-end IP management tool kit.

For trademarks, we draw our data from Markify, which provides access to information from 190 trademark databases globally.

For patents, Questel iOrbit API provides data from 120 official offices.

Development at Equinox

We’re constantly working on helpful new features that make it even easier to manage IP with Equinox.

Our devoted team of developers delivers system updates around every two weeks. These updates boost security, iron out any bugs, and often include functionality improvements and new features.

Our latest update introduces more than the IPO data integration. We’ve also added a new way to view case families that makes it a little clearer. We make little improvements like these to get every drop of efficiency out of your Equinox system!

Ready to get started?

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