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Portfolio cost forecasting in Equinox

By Sam Thorley

Cost forecasting for your IP portfolio is hugely important for your planning process, and we want to make it a little easier for you.

Our latest development introduces our cost forecasting tool. This will make planning your budgets much easier and more reliable, letting you plan with confidence.

What is it?

This new functionality allows Equinox users to see cost forecasts and estimates for the lifespan of their IP portfolio.

It will provide an unparalleled overview of the estimated costs associated with the patents and trademarks under the care of our subscribers, delivering value foresight to your team and senior leadership.

“Our cost forecasting functionality helps organisations navigate the constantly changing landscape of intellectual property, providing invaluable insights for strategic decision-making. With forecasts available for existing portfolios and comprehensive future filing strategies, the tool equips users to make informed decisions, reduce financial uncertainties, and maximise the value of their IP”

—Sam Thorley, Head of Platform

How portfolio cost forecasting looks in Equinox

How it works

An Equinox user can set up a new forecast at any time. They can be based on an existing IP portfolio, estimated future filings, or a combination of the two.

We’ve tapped into a powerful cost forecast engine created by our partners at Questel, which communicates with Equinox through an API. Equinox users can also create overrides to use their own charge amounts for individual cost rules where needed rather than sticking to those provided by the API. Whatever is best for the user.

Who can access it?

Any Equinox subscriber can access this new functionality. Our development team has tested it and rolled it out to our subscribers worldwide for dependable IP management.

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