Our Spring Equinox update

By Olivia Miller

Today is the autumn equinox — the day that marks the end of summer and the beginning of autumn.

It’s one of two days (the other being the spring equinox) each year where there are 12 hours of night and day. Being named after it, we’d like to take the final equinox of 2021 as a chance to reflect on the last 6 months.


4 new starters

Starting a new job during a pandemic is not something everyone can say they’ve done! Our 4 new starters have handled the unique challenges of joining us remotely with professionalism and positivity.

Equinox new starter


1 new version release…

Our shiny new Version 9 was released, bringing major improvements to the dashboard, currency handling, full-text document searching, a new invoicing system and plenty more!


… and 6 version updates

Our work on Equinox is never done. Through regular version updates, we add in new features, improvements, and fixes to ensure your IP management system runs smoothly.


1 major new product launch

Tracking changes to intellectual property law is no longer a time-consuming task! In August we launched our IP Portal, your handy new tool for accessing the latest IP news and law updates. Find out all about it here.

Equinox IP Portal


1 team-building social

Being a team used to playing table tennis or pool on our breaks and having epic Mario Kart tournaments in the office, not being able to see each other has been a huge change to our working lives. So, having not seen each other for well over a year (or having never met in some cases!) we decided to meet at Go Ape in Temple Newsam for a day of adventures in the trees. Fresh air, sunshine, and challenging ourselves at terrifying heights — the perfect way to hang out again…?

Equinox team building day at go ape


1 return to the office

Once we all recovered from our treetop adventure, we began our return to the office. We have embraced a hybrid style of working, with some people continuing to work from home full time, while others are coming into the office in small groups for a day a week. It’s exciting to be able to offer such a flexible approach to working — from the conversations we’ve had as a team, it seems to be helping.   


1 proud Executive Chairman

“The thing I’m most proud of is how adaptable everyone is. In tough times, like this past year, you see it really clearly — people held us together because of how they embraced change. I’m proud of the work we’ve done but prouder of how everyone’s been themselves through it all and found ways of coming together. We’ve learnt that trying things (even if that means getting it wrong sometimes) combined with a commitment to growing people is what opens up doors for us as a company.”

— Justin Gallagher, our Founder & Executive Chairman


And finally

It’s been 6 months of change and, despite the inevitable challenges, we’re proud of how we’ve pulled together to continue bringing innovative software to the IP industry. The people behind Equinox are the key to delivering our powerful IP management system, so we’re going to take a moment to say thank you. Thank you for creating our friendly, supportive, creative culture. Thank you for supporting our clients so well. And thank you for managing to see the positives throughout all this!

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