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Our new EPO Mailbox Integration

By Sam Thorley

We’ve integrated Equinox with the MyEPO Mailbox from the European Patent Office.

This means you can receive EPO communications directly through your Equinox system, triggering your pre-set processes and saving official correspondence with ease.

For our subscribers, this will streamline the process of managing European patent cases and simplify keeping those cases up to date with official office activity.

Equinox case study: Data management

A cutting-edge integration for our subscribers

The European Patent office introduced its B2B API services earlier this year. Designed to streamline access to MyEPO, it’s the first of many anticipated API integration opportunities for IP management systems.

To deliver this integration to our subscribers, we’ve participated in the MyEPO Portfolio Pilot Scheme. The scheme was established by the European Patent Office to work directly with IP tech developers like Equinox to deliver more accessible EPO services to its users.


“This EPO Mailbox integration reflects our core goal at Equinox: Making it as easy as possible to manage intellectual property with our system. Fundamentally, this integration will deliver more reliable and consistent docketing of EPO related communications and deadlines and allow our subscribers to focus on supporting their clients.

“We’re always on the lookout for development opportunities that could benefit our subscribers. Earlier this year, we integrated Equinox with USPTO communications, offering similar functionality for those working in the US market.

“There are many more exciting integrations on the horizon, helping us edge ever closer towards an end-to-end IP management solution in Equinox.”

—Sam Nicholson, Equinox Managing Director


Sam Nicholson


How it works

Every day, Equinox checks for any new communications received in your EPO Mailbox and transfers them to your Equinox system.

You’ll find your EPO communications in the PTO Notifications section in your Equinox system. From there, you can process these notifications on the corresponding case. This includes adding a copy of the communication to the documents tab of the relevant Equinox matter and triggering any relevant pre-set tasks or functions within your processes.

For example, it could trigger a reminder or task, or automatically create a draft email or document. Equinox users are in full control of their pre-set processes, allowing you to manage your workflows with ease.


The EPO mailbox integration in action


Streamlining the IP management process

If you’re managing patents in the European market, this integration is going to save you time.

It will massively reduce the time you spend managing EPO communications and documentation, and in conjunction with our advanced automation tools, could reduce the overall administration time you need to spend on European patent cases.

Some of the simplest tasks, like downloading and uploading documents, writing emails, and keeping on top of your deadlines, can quickly take up resources. That’s why the entire Equinox system is dedicated to reducing time spent on administrative tasks to give you more time for value-adding activities for your clients.

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