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When you get in touch to learn more about Equinox, one of the first teams you will speak to is Sales and Onboarding. They’re a lovely bunch of friendly people, and we thought we’d offer a little introduction to who they are and what they do.

The team gives you demonstrations of Equinox IPMS and shows how the software can be used to make your work a little easier. Once you are ready to start your subscription, they then help you and all your users get set up so you can hit the ground running with a smooth, efficient switch.

The team is always on hand and happy to answer questions you might have about the system, and they’re experts in all things Equinox!

Onboarding team | Equinox IPMS

How do Sales & Onboarding fit into the company?

As the first port of call at Equinox, Sales and Onboarding spend a lot of time listening to you and your needs before explaining how our software can improve efficiency and save time. They demonstrate how Equinox works in a practical context that you can relate to and contextualise the functionality around how your firm operates. The team helps IP professionals from across the globe in all kinds of organisations, so whether you’re an independent attorney or work for an intellectual property firm, they will know exactly how to help you.

Once you decide you want to subscribe to Equinox, the Onboarding team will get to know your staff and set things up just how you like it. They are here to answer your questions, prepare tailored training, and configure the system to meet your needs.

The entire Equinox team aims to make your transition to our software smooth and hassle-free — this extends to the admin process for your subscription. The Sales team handles the financial documentation for your subscription and aims to make it as easy as possible for you to get started. 

One of our main roles is to deliver comprehensive demonstrations of the system. We talk through the features and explain how they can help IP professionals solve problems and work better.

When we onboard a new client, our priority is to ensure they know how to get the best out of Equinox. Getting new software can be overwhelming, so we aim to make the process as simple as possible. We spend extra time showing how our extensive features can make life easier, and we personalise the system to fit in with the client’s existing processes for a more familiar interface.

Cally Sharman, Product Specialist


Cally Sharman


Specialists in all things Equinox

Cally, Esta, Trad, and Millie know Equinox inside and out — they help you work out what will work best for you and then make it happen. They’ve helped hundreds of IP professionals get started with our system and found ways to help make their jobs easier. During onboarding, the team learns about your organisation and helps adapt Equinox to fit in seamlessly with your existing processes. This can include changing the words used in the system to make it more in line with the terminology you’re used to, building integrations with other services, and a range of other configurations that might make your work easier.

We help new users by tweaking Equinox to make sure it works exactly as they need it to. We have plenty of configuration options to make the system fit in with a firm’s existing processes- this helps Equinox feel familiar and we often get feedback saying how intuitive and easy to navigate it is.

Trad Louw, Product Configuration Engineer


Trad Louw


The team stays with you until you’re ready to start using Equinox independently. They stay in touch while you progress through the data migration process where we safely and securely configure and transfer your data to our servers or get set up on your own. When you’re happy with the way we have configured your Equinox account, Onboarding delivers tailored training sessions to your users to show them how it works.

People switch to Equinox from a variety of circumstances, be it another IPMS, a spreadsheet-based system, or even an entirely paper-based system. Wherever you’re coming from, our Sales and Onboarding team finds the best way to help you and get your organisation working to its maximum potential with Equinox and makes the process of switching as smooth as possible.

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