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At least once a month we like to get the team together for one of many Equinox social events. While we often have lunch together or head for after-work drinks, we make an effort to set aside a couple of hours now and then to socialise and enjoy each other’s company.

We often like to go the full nine yards and include a theme: we’ve celebrated everything from Pride to the Platinum Jubilee. However, sometimes it’s enough to order some pizzas and pour a few drinks. We have an amazing team of friendly people and taking the time to socialise is always a pleasure.

We’ve rounded up some of our recent social events here to show you how we relax and celebrate throughout the year!

Yorkshire Day

We’re proud to have our office based in Yorkshire. Many members of the team were born in the county, and those that weren’t have quickly grown to love the place as well as their homes. This makes the annual celebration of Yorkshire Day a big deal!

The celebration always includes some regional snacks like Yorkshire puddings, parkin, Percy Pigs, and gallons of Yorkshire Tea. Last year, our Yorkshire-focused quiz taught us plenty of facts we didn’t know about the place we call home!

Yorkshire day social at Equinox


The diversity and inclusivity of our team is incredibly important to us, and back in June Pride was the perfect opportunity to show just how much we value the community.

With colourful cocktails, rainbow banners, and a host of fun activities, the whole gang came together in our office social space to play games and show our support during the special month, many donning special pride outfits like rainbow flags, temporary tattoos, and face paints.

Games included a matching game for a selection of inclusive pride flags and a cryptic naming game of LGBT+ icons. To top it off, a selection of Pride-themed colouring sheets proved a popular activity throughout the day (between doing important work tasks of course).

Pride was the perfect opportunity to celebrate two of our company values: fun and being supportive.

Pride social at Equinox

What’s the best social you’ve had at Equinox?

“I’ve loved so many socials in the last year, but the Christmas party really stood out for me. It was a good chance to get the whole team together and celebrate our achievements, plus the food and drinks after were a great laugh”

James, Internal IT Administrator


Platinum Jubilee

To celebrate this special year we held a garden party with a twist on tradition. For starters, it took place indoors.

Classic British games like bowls, crocket, quoits, and The Price is Right got the team’s competitive juices flowing even more than usual. The friendly competition produced some amazing results, and the winners took home scones, jams, Lam-Queenie, and even Buckingham Palace-shaped tissue boxes.

Jubilee social at Equinox

Powered by Pizza

Most recently, we embarked on a creative endeavour for the afternoon. We worked together in teams to build or create something for our office social space. The brief was open to anything the team wanted to make.

One group built a bespoke music player for employees to share playlists and songs. Others prepared visual art to display on the walls or made music to use in the player. We even had a succulent garden display created from scratch!

To give everyone much needed energy for the task, we had a big pile of pizzas on offer for everyone.

Our latest Equinox social event

Why are social events so important for the team?

“We know how hard the team works to create, maintain, and develop the Equinox system, and taking the time to relax with regular socials is an important feature of building a cohesive team.

“We’ve cultivated a positive, friendly atmosphere at the company, and having a strong social presence in the office helps us make work a fun, relaxed place to be”

Sam Nicholson, Managing Director


We’ll have plenty more social events soon!

2023 has more Equinox social events on the way. We’ll revisit some of 2022’s best celebrations plus throw in some extras.

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