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The IP Law Portal: your new tool for IP law updates

By Grace Mallinson

You love our weekly IP law update emails. We want to give you more.

Alongside our weekly email service, we’ve also been offering System Scan & Amend services that work alongside this. You gave us feedback that these services were really useful, and saw this as an opportunity to help you more. So, we asked ourselves— “how can we build on them so they’re as effective and helpful to our subscribers as they can be?”

And from there, the development of our IP Law Portal began!

What is the IP Law Portal?

The IP Law Portal is our latest addition to the Equinox family, providing our subscribers with up-to-date 
IP news and law notifications, as well as a suite of exciting new features!  This unique offering provides you 
with helpful updates from a variety of monitored jurisdictions to ensure your team and system remains up-to-date, always. 

Key features of the IP Law Portal


IP Law & News Notifications

Search through an extensive list of the latest legislation changes from our monitored jurisdictions, using handy filters to quickly find country law information that’s relevant to your portfolio. We’ll notify you via the portal whenever there’s a new update.

Equinox IP Law & News Notifications

Renewal Laws

Need to check a renewal law? Our full list of renewal laws is now available to all Equinox subscribers.

Equinox IP Portal renewal laws

Members Directory

A brand new networking possibility — find other firms and individuals that use Equinox to make connections and assist each other with work across the globe!

Equinox IP Portal members directory

Equinox System Scans (add-on service)

Sign up for this additional service and our team will continually scan your Equinox system in the background! Our team can then suggest and make necessary updates to pre-set tasks, standard templates and more — keeping your portfolio in line with legislation changes. You can easily track the status of your scans via the IP Portal, as well as be able to approve any changes before they’re applied to your system.

Equinox system scans service

Equinox Official Fee Management (add-on service)

Gone are the days of making mass updates to your charge sheet — sign up to this additional service and our team will go ahead and make the necessary fee updates for you!

Equinox official fee management

How do you access the IP Law Portal?

All Equinox subscribers automatically have access to the IP Portal and can start using many features straightaway. Simply log in to your system as usual and head to the “system” tab or click the link in the bottom toolbar.

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