Food for thought: Our favourite indie lunch spots

By Equinox

If there’s one thing we take seriously at Equinox, it’s food, and when a meal deal sandwich or leftover pasta won’t cut it, we have some fantastic local food options to choose from.

We’ve rounded up our favourite spots to get lunch near our office in Headingley with a breakdown of where to go and what to get. We love to support local businesses and we’re lucky to have such an amazing range to satisfy any taste. Bon appetite!

I Am Doner

“The highlight of my week”


I am doner, Headingley

Every Friday, the Equinox team descends on one of the hottest spots in town for a hearty, flavoursome lunch. I Am Doner, as the name suggests, serves an amazing range of kebabs and Mediterranean-inspired dishes. With wraps, salads, and special fries, their menu has something for everyone with the opportunity to customise your order for culinary perfection.

The portions are bigger than they look, so don’t overdo it!

Boote’s favourite order: Doner Street Cart Fries with salad and crispy fried veg.


I am Doner, Headingley


“The perfect light lunch and a great little community feel”


Bowery, Headingley

One of the trendiest little spots in Headingley, Bowery has a super friendly, warm atmosphere that is a refreshing change from your favourite multi-national coffee conglomerate. Their unique sandwich combinations never disappoint, with fantastic vegan and veggie options alongside some gorgeous cakes and pastries.

Bowery offers more than a delicious lunch. A range of house plants and independent artworks are also on offer, with an upstairs gallery and community space providing a much-needed respite from the bustling streets.

Olivia’s favourite order: A tangy feta and artichoke salad with an oat milk latte.


Bowery, Headingley


“Just like mama used to make in the old country.”


Poco, Headingley

Poco has the Sicilian food you dream of. You’ll find all the classic Italian staples like lasagne and pizza, and they’re exquisitely done, but Poco’s real strength is its regular rotation of authentic foods that are ideal for a fancy lunch. The arancini is an office favourite with a range of excellent fillings. Each day there is another amazing pasta to try, and the coffee and other drinks are just as delectable.

For those with a sweet tooth, head to the back of the shop for a truly heavenly sight. A counter devoted to exceptional, authentic Italian pastries and cakes.

Poco, Headingley

Fran’s favourite order: A slice of pizza, a side and a Bolognese-filled arancini.


Poco, Headingley

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