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Equinox IPMS is Unitary Patent ready!

By Sam Thorley
It’s been a long time coming, but the sought-after Unitary Patent system is on its way in 2023!
In preparation, we’ve added some new features to our IP management software that allow you to process Unitary Patent cases with the ease you expect from Equinox IPMS. Let’s take a look at the update.

Unitary Patent— your questions answered

Do you support EPO transitional measures?

Yes we do! We’ve amended our pre-set processes to allow you to either delay the grant of your European patent or submit the request for unitary effect early— whichever you would prefer.

How do I track actions filed with the European Patent Office?

We’ve added two new date fields to accommodate request and registration actions, so you can keep tabs on your progress from within the system.

How do I know what coverage my Unitary Patent has?

Our new Unitary Patent Countries field lists the jurisdictions encompassed in your case. When you input the registration date of Unitary Effect, Equinox IPMS lists the countries covered in your application.

How do I track the processes involved in the Unitary Patent procedures?

Equinox IPMS features a variety of suitable pre-sets already prepared— you can upload these to your system independently from our pre-set catalogue. If you require something more specialised, our team can help you set up your own pre-set to fit in with your organisation’s processes.

This update makes it easy to manage Unitary Patent cases. As Equinox tracks the jurisdictions that are part of the Unitary Patent system and their date of entry, you can focus on handling your applications—Equinox knows what countries are available and where your clients’ rights are covered.

We’re providing updates on any changes to the Unitary Patent system in our IP Services newsletter and email updates. They compile any legal changes from patent offices around the world, saving you extensive research time. These updates will be particularly important as the Unitary Patent system matures and ensures you can keep your processes up-to-date

—Ellie Ball, IP Services Administrator


Ellie Ball - Equinox

Keeping your system up-to-date

We want Equinox IPMS to be ready for anything you can throw at it, so we’re always looking ahead to what’s coming up in the industry. By adding this Unitary Patent functionality now, we hope we’ve given you plenty of time to arrange any changes needed in your processes.

We update Equinox more regularly than many other IP management systems on the market to ensure your system functions at its best and remains secure. We’re always working on improvements that can help your team manage everything from patent applications to client correspondence with ease.

How we’re monitoring global IP law

Our IP Services team constantly keeps track of intellectual property law around the world, and that’s no different for Unitary Patent. We’re keeping close tabs on how the system is developing, and when any changes occur, we’ll be ready with a solution in Equinox IPMS.

We’re monitoring the list of participating member states and their date of ratification, plus the renewal fees and laws for Unitary Patents. We’ll report on these details in our IP Services newsletter and email updates.

You’re always on the latest version of Equinox IPMS

Our IP management software is one of the most frequently updated systems on the market.

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