Data migration: Everything you need to know

By Sam Boote

Your data migration is one of the key elements of the Equinox implementation process. But what does it involve?

When you’re considering getting started with Equinox, you’ll likely have some big questions about your data migration. How does it work? How long will it take? How secure is it?

Sam Boote is the Head of Data Services here at Equinox. He runs a team of highly experienced data engineers tasked with migrating, securing, and managing the data of our subscribers.

In this article, Sam answers some common questions about how we handle the migration of your data across to Equinox.

What is data migration?

Put simply, data migration means taking all the case and contact information you have on your current system and moving it across to your new Equinox system.

Can you explain the data migration process?

Data assessment

First of all, we need to understand the scope of your migration project by assessing the data you’d like moving across to your Equinox system. Once we have a clear understanding of the work involved, we’ll add the cost to your onboarding quote.

Data manipulation & formatting

After you’ve signed your contract, we will start preparing your data ready for migration. If you haven’t already, we’ll need you to send across your full dataset so we can begin formatting it to match our Equinox database.

Data mapping

Throughout the project we’ll work with you to ‘map’ your data. This means matching your current data values, such as case categories and statuses, to your new Equinox configuration. This is a great opportunity for you to clear out any values that you no longer need or use.

Practice migration & data validation

When we’re both happy that the formatting and mapping stages are complete, we’ll perform a practice migration using the data you’ve already provided. The purpose of this gives you the opportunity to review the results and provide any feedback you would like actioning before the live migration. For systems with more than one user, we typically do two practice migrations to ensure everything is working just as you like it.

Final migration

We’ll carry out your final migration the weekend before your go-live date. To do this, we’ll ask you to send us an up-to-date copy of your dataset. This is to account for any data added to your old system since we carried out the practice migration. Finally, we’ll perform the live migration! This is usually the last step in the onboarding process.

Who handles my data migration?

Our dedicated Data Services team specialise in data engineering, and they will lead the project. They’re experts in assessing, formatting, mapping and validating data so that it’s ready to use in Equinox and have helped hundreds of organisations make the move. This includes newly established firms, multi-national organisations with a significant client portfolio, and corporate enterprises looking to protect their assets in-house.

The Data Services team works closely with the Onboarding team, so they’ll be familiar with your organisation’s unique priorities.

“We carry out a wide variety of services that help Equinox subscribers manage their data. The data migration is one of our primary functions, and we’ve worked with firms and organisations of every shape and size to deliver secure, well-managed data within the system.

“We hold a diverse skillset within the team which combines to deliver highly effective services to subscribers.”

—Felix Tam, Senior Data Engineer

Felix Tam


Is it secure?

Keeping your data safe is our top priority. We ensure the transfer is secure by using a dedicated Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP)— meaning you can upload your data simply and safely. We’re currently working towards ISO 27001 certification and we’re fully GDPR compliant. If you have more detailed questions, please contact us.

Security is a priority in Equinox

How long does it take and how much will it cost?

Each data migration project is completely unique and requires a bespoke approach. An independent attorney has very different needs from in-house counsel at a corporation, so there’s no catch-all figure.

The cost and timeline of your migration will be assessed and included in your overall onboarding quote and schedule. For a small organisation, the whole process could be completed in as little as a month, but a detailed breakdown of your cost and timings will be agreed at the start of the project so that you can plan accordingly.


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