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BOSH IP uses IP tech to manage cases with ease

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BOSH IP case study

With offices in Melbourne and Sydney, BOSH IP offers a range of services including IP strategy, portfolio management, disputes, and market intelligence. Founded by former principals of an Australian IP firm, the team enjoys a wealth of experience in the intellectual property industry.
Nadia Odorico, Partner at BOSH IP, shares her experience of Equinox.


Equinox case study: Run reports

“To us, Equinox is like our trusted business partner. Importantly, it stores all our clients’ case information in an easy-to-retrieve system. We can create and generate our own specific reports and if we have trouble creating the reports ourselves the Equinox helpdesk is always ready to assist”

Firms like BOSH IP offer bags of experience in the intellectual property field, and even while working with a small team they can enhance their services with a system like Equinox.

We understand the IP management process, and our software is designed to make every step of the way easier. Every organisation works a little differently, so Equinox allows you to customise everything from your template emails and pre-sets down to your reports. Your clients value your experience and expertise, so you can customise your system to fit the way you like to do things.

Equinox case study: Correspondence

“Equinox’s automatically generated letters and events save us administration time and reduces risk of human error. We feel we haven’t yet experienced Equinox’s full potential in this area and are keen to find out more.

“We use Microsoft apps for most of our work. Having Equinox integrate with Microsoft saves us time saving and uploading our work to Equinox and generating correspondence”

Correspondence can be a time-intensive task with many clients and cases all needing prompt attention. So, we’ve incorporated advanced automation into Equinox to generate template emails and letters exactly when you need them.

On top of our helpful communications structure, we offer specialist functionality for a variety of intellectual property disciplines.

If like BOSH IP you’re focused on patents and designs, we offer tools like IDS functionality, EP validation, and a tool to nationalise PCT. We cover a huge range of services provided by intellectual property professionals, and we’re always developing helpful new tools.

Equinox case study: Client access

“The support team are amazing! Even though we are in a different time zone we will usually receive a useful reply within 24 hours”

Equinox has subscribers in over 30 countries across the world, and we offer system support to everyone from Australia to Canada. We offer servers in three geographical regions to optimise the performance of your system, and our 24/7 emergency support access means that you can rely on your system regardless of your time zone.

Equinox case study: BOSH IP

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