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Riverlane is working on the cutting edge of quantum computing.

Backed by the University of Cambridge and leading technological VC firms, Riverlane is nearly 100 strong with offices in Cambridge, Boston and San Francisco. The company’s mission – to make quantum computing useful far sooner than previously imaginable – remains unchanged from day one.

In this case study, Riverlane IP Manager James Auger unpacks his experience of trialling, implementing, and using Equinox to manage his company’s IP portfolio.

Case study: Adaptability of Equinox is keeping Cranach clients happy

“We wanted a secure cloud-based system that we could use to manage our IP assets.

“Before getting Equinox, all our deadlines were monitored by outside counsel, and we used an Excel spreadsheet to log our IP assets.

“Equinox was recommended by one of my connections. We could demo Equinox to ensure it was the right fit for us. The main factors that led us to choose Equinox were competitive pricing, comprehensive functionality, and ease of use.”

Switching to a cloud-based system has plenty of benefits for IP management. They’re built for security and scalability, so you can grow with confidence when your portfolio expands, and their speedy development options help future-proof your team. At Equinox, we amplify the benefits of a cloud-based system by making it web-accessible.

You can access the system wherever you have an internet connection while confident in its exemplary security. That means you can react quickly to developments and stay on top of your tasks whenever needed.

Lots of our subscribers first hear about Equinox from another IP professional. Equinox is well known across the industry as a powerful IP management system that saves time for its users. With teams of tech experts devoted to supporting our clients, we go the extra mile to ensure the system is accessible, easy to use, and works around our subscribers.

Case study: Adaptability of Equinox is keeping Cranach clients happy

“Equinox strikes a good balance between functionality, user customisation and usability. We can customise things like page layouts, data fields, dashboards etc. without going through the Equinox support team, and the system is intuitive to use.

“It offers all the functionality and usability we were looking for at a good price, and the regular updates add useful features at no extra cost.”

When you’re busy, you need simple solutions to achieve your aims. That’s why everything in Equinox is designed to be easy to use. You can start using the basic system quickly with its intuitive layout and controls.

You’re in control of every part of your Equinox system. We know that no two organisations are the same. To ensure your system fulfils your needs, you can configure a huge variety of features to meet your team’s specific needs. You can adapt your system dashboard, reports, pre-set process, and much more.

At Equinox, we keep your system regularly updated. Not only do updates keep your security and functionality in peak condition, but they can also iron out any bugs in the system. Unlike plenty of other software providers, our developers update Equinox around every two weeks! We’re always working on new features that can make Equinox even more powerful, with regular, free functionality updates throughout the year.

Equinox case study: Run reports

“Getting our cases onto the system was quick and easy due to features such as Equinox’s PTO integration (which automatically imported data for entire patent families using a single application number) and document drag and drop (which allowed me to easily add documents in bulk for each case).

“Millie [from the Onboarding team] arranged a session ahead of our go-live date to talk through the onboarding process and answer any questions we had. We went live on the date we requested with no delays.”

There’s plenty to consider when switching to a new software system; you have different priorities to balance while keeping disruption to a minimum. But with Equinox, it might be easier than you think to switch.

Our expert Onboarding team have helped hundreds of organisations get started with Equinox. They set out a clear process and support you at every step, whether that’s migrating your data into Equinox, configuring your system, or training your team.

Our PTO integration is designed to save you time. Manually creating cases for existing IP rights can be a hassle, so Equinox accesses official office data and compares it to the cases it automatically creates in your system.

Case study: Adaptability of Equinox is keeping Cranach clients happy

“Based on my positive experience with the demo system, I opted not to have any interactive training sessions and to instead use the training videos and help centre articles to learn how to use the system.

“Having already had a demo with the system, I knew that I could use most features without needing further training. I have been able to find detailed documentation in the help centre whenever I have needed more information about a feature.”

Learning to use Equinox is simple. The system is designed to be as intuitive as possible so you can navigate and operate it with ease. Once you request a demo, the Onboarding team will meet with you and listen to what you need from an IP management system. Then, they’ll walk you through the tools and features that can help you achieve your goals and magnify your abilities.

Like Riverlane, you can lean on our Help Centre for guidance. People learn in different ways, and it’s good to have options, so we’ve built an online library of resources. It’s filled with documentation and videos covering configuring and using your system— helping you get the most from Equinox. It’s ideal if you need a reminder on key functionality or want to expand your knowledge of the system.

We also offer training sessions to every organisation that adopts Equinox. Our experts will show you the ropes and ensure you’re confident to start managing your IP portfolio in the system.

Equinox case study: James Auger, Riverlane

An IP management system built for innovative businesses.

If you’re managing your company’s intellectual property assets, whether as in-house counsel, through an external law firm, or a mix of the two, Equinox Corporate can help you stay on top of your portfolio.

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