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How boutique firms like Araucaria are thriving thanks to IP tech

By Equinox

Araucaria case study

Araucaria is a boutique law firm based in Geneva, Switzerland. It offers a range of intellectual property and data protection services including IP advisory services, IP rights enforcement, IP conflict management, trademarks, design rights, copyright, domain names, online brand protection, and contracts.
Anca Draganescu-Pinawin, is the owner and founder of Araucaria. She details how Equinox helps her manage her tasks and clients with maximum efficiency.

Equinox case study: Whole team access

“Equinox has proven to be an indispensable part of my law firm’s operations. Its amazingly user-friendly functionalities allow me to manage large and complex portfolios with great ease. Equinox’s stability as a platform means that I can focus entirely on doing my work. In a nutshell, Equinox is my back office and allows me to keep my operations and fees lean and competitive”

Our aim at Equinox is to magnify the impact of your abilities.

We know that boutique IP firms like Araucaria deliver a huge effect for their clients, with the experience and knowledge even a lone attorney can bring to the table proving an invaluable asset.

We’ve designed a clear accessible system that helps you approach your tasks with as little hassle as possible. With all your tasks and services in one place, we hope to give you the best opportunity to focus on managing your portfolio.

How IP tech can help your firm

“Equinox’s case management system as well as its task manager make it easy to keep on top of the many cases I work on. Given the time-sensitivity of my work, this is essential. As I find Equinox to be extremely reliable, I look forward to using the invoicing system as well.

“For me, the ability to archive correspondence quickly and to retrieve it easily was key to my choosing Equinox”

Managing intellectual property often requires quick action. To approach this effectively you need reliable management of your documentation, and you need to be able to access it quickly.

With smaller firms, there aren’t always devoted legal assistants or finance staff, and providing a broad overview of the full IP management process allows small teams to maximise their impact.

Equinox Law Firm also provides an overview of financial functions within the same system, reducing the administrative burden on those in charge and allowing you to quickly switch between different business priorities.

Equinox case study: Client access

“[The client portal] is a wonderful feature of Equinox and I’d like to single out its data visualization capabilities in particular. Clients want to see quickly and intuitively the value their IP portfolio creates for their businesses and the client portal helps me show how their IP is working for them”

After years of working closely with IP attorneys like the team at Araucaria, we know how important communication is, and having full transparency allows your clients to remain confident in your services. The client portal allows your clients to view progress independently and securely on their cases or the status of the properties you manage on their behalf.

The relationship you develop with clients will always be based on meetings and calls but giving clients the option to visualise progress can reduce the number of reports you must present and can save both parties time.

Equinox case study: Run reports

“The support team are quick, reliable, and have helped me to resolve issues as they have arisen. One thing that sets the support team apart is their generosity of time and expertise. They really made sure that I started using Equinox with an excellent practical knowledge that allowed me to work autonomously with the system. I would recommend them wholeheartedly”

Your clients can’t wait for tech delays, so we do everything we can to keep you on task no matter where you are in the world.

For small organisations without inhouse tech advisers, having reliable access to effective support is key to staying on track. Our devoted Client Services team are experts in all things Equinox. They’ll answer your question, solve your problem, or sort out a new feature for you as soon as possible.

Equinox case study: Araucaria

Equinox has proved indispensable to law firms like Araucaria

Whether your firm has five employees or fifty, Equinox Law Firm magnifies your abilities to deliver amazing services to clients.

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